NikkiTrev086 November 2010

I got married on November the 6th, when I saw the wet windy Wellington weather my heart sank - but this did not last for long! Claudine showed up at my Mums place at 7am and launched right into making myself, my mother and three bridesmaids look like we had walked out of a "vogue magazine", (as quoted by a friend!).

I have so much respect for the way Claudine made me feel like she had all the time for us and wanted to make us all perfect!  When she showed me the finishing touches on my hair - I cried - It is just how I imagined I wanted it and never thought my hair could pull it off - but with Claudine's skill, she did it!

The makeup was incredible – my Mum just glowed - she looked 10 years younger and her eyes just "popped" – Claudine just seemed to know how to bring out the best in anyone's features – My bridesmaids were so beautiful and I felt so proud!

There was no way the Wellington weather was any match for Claudine's hair and makeup skills -- it stayed in all day and night looking like it had just been done. And of course I had my teary moments in the church but my makeup stayed put the entire day -- !  I had so many comments on my hair and makeup from people that have seen the photos',  I really did feel like I looked my absolute best on the day! - And with that feeling who can let the weather bother them ?!

Thank You Claudine -